Elena has devoted over 9 years to her practice as a psychotherapist before she transitioned to coaching. She is bringing a unique combination of deep care, creativity, goal oriented approach, and considerable toolbox of skills to her current coaching clientele. Read dozens of heartfelt reviews of how Elena’s work has changed peoples lives for good.


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Elena has been my therapist for a few years now. Over the course of our sessions Elena helped me find an emotional contact with myself and be respectful and sensitive to my feelings, guided me in improving my confidence and self-esteem.

Elena found a very special approach to me and it never feels mechanical on sessions with her. It is a very spontaneous choice of conversation, therapy and methods every time.

Elena always manages to support me through hard times I go through. She teaches me how to be a more grounded person and bring my life into a more stable happy place by being in touch with my emotions, feelings and body sensations. I can say with all honesty that since I met Elena I was able to learn a lot about myself and understand my needs as well as accept myself for who I am.

Elena is practical, yet spiritual, a great listener, very compassionate and loving woman. She provides comfort, joy and true positivity that radiates through her smiling eyes and warm voice. For her, her patients are not just “clients” or “work that she needs to attend to”. She can truly see the essence of a person and help heal wounds and become more confident and empowered with her gentle guidance. I am so glad that I met Elena. I wish her all the best and will recommend her to all my friends and family.

Dee R


Dr. Elena is a wonderful therapist, one of the best I’ve seen. She truly cares about her patients and goes out of her way to help. Many therapists tend to get academic and take a rules-based approach. Dr. Elena’s style is personalized and empathetic. She connects with you and your situation as a person, rather than treat you as a case. Her care made a huge difference to my recovery, and helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. Thank you for being there! It’s a huge loss that she isn’t practicing currently.




Elena is wonderful. As a certified coach myself, I consider the work Elena did with me more of coaching work (focusing on the present and solutions rather than digging into the past) but with a wealth of tools most coaches wouldn’t have. I’m very good at getting myself and other people lost in my well-told analytical story and that’s why my previous experiences with therapy were uneventful. Elena was able to bring me into the moment and focus on my experiences and what’s important every time – even on days when walked into her office not expecting anything major to come up. I recommend trying Elena’s services for anyone who has tried therapy before but felt that their sessions were uneventful and the therapist wasn’t able to shift them to a new level of understanding themselves. I’m confident Elena is better at that than most.


Vera B.


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