Biofeedback and Stress Management

Most often, biofeedback helps people control their stress response, by realizing when it’s underway and employing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, visualizations, and meditation to calm their physiological arousal. Many of the benefits of biofeedback simply come from the increased relaxation in your body and the lack of a chronically triggered fight-or-flight response. Because chronic stress can be a trigger for many negative health symptoms, this can offer a significant and palpable improvement in the way people feel and how their bodies function.

By helping you learn how your body is currently functioning, biofeedback can help you to know what to change. Also, by showing you in ‘real-time’ which relaxation techniques are working and which aren’t, you’re able to more easily grasp effective ways to relax your body’s physiology and incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle.

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