Elena Kozlova, PhD,
certified life coach, somatic experiencing practitioner

Dr Elena Kozlova holds a PHD in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and specialization in creative expression. Elena has worked as an IT professional for the top US companies for over 15 years, which made her deeply familiar with the issues people face in the corporate world. After receiving her PhD, Elena provided creative, somatic, and trauma oriented psychotherapy and coaching for culturally diverse clientele in the San Francisco Bay area. She also provided therapy for many professionals looking for life-work balance, and body-mind-spirit integration.

Dr. Elena holds certification as Somatic Experiencing practitioner. This effective somatic method was developed for releasing trauma and anxiety through the body. In addition, Dr. Elena had trainings in Hakomi, Gestalt, NLP, Psychosynthesis, and many other process or transpersonally oriented methods,  enabling clients to work in the present moment accessing deeper levels of healing and awareness.

Currently, Dr. Elena provides online coaching sessions helping her clients accomplish their goals, find life-work balance, overcome fears and blocks, and increase clarity and meaning in a collaborative and empowering relationship. Her clients come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, but share the desire for personal and spiritual growth, are creative, and pursue body-mind-spirit integration, peace, and well-being.




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